About THe Moody Box

The Moody Box is a Black-woman owned business for holistic PMS & Menstrual relief.

We offer our mood oils, herbal teas, and “the cookie” which all contain properties that help relieve inflammation and pain, as well as enhance and boost mood.

Our goal is to create an enjoyable experience for you during your period.

My Story

“I was taking up to three 800mgs of ibuprofen each day of my cycle. My doctor informed me it was not healthy on the kidneys overtime. I would even cancel plans if I was on my period. Rain check, please!
Specialty essential oils and herbal teas helped to combat the pain and moodiness. I also began to exercise more regularly and found ways to eliminate meat from my diet. It’s been a journey, but has become easier over time, and has totally helped me to experience pleasant periods.”